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We have always been committed to supporting young people in their personal and social development by engaging them with adrenaline sports and adventure. Here’s a summary of the journey so far…

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We're committed to building lasting relationships  

We're proud to go the extra mile

We never give up on young people

Urban Pursuit started in Bristol in 2011, with founders Neil and Emma Dennison. Since the beginning, things have been driven by a deep belief that we can change the story for many who struggle within mainstream education. 

Urban Pursuit’s focus on personal and social development is engrained throughout the Education Programme, which uses activities and adventure as a tool of engagement. Young people typically spend a day each week at Urban Pursuit alongside their regular education.

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Neil gave up a role as Assistant Headteacher and his career in mainstream education in order to provide better support for vulnerable young people.  Emma moved from a role in the council’s Behaviour Support Team and brought her experience in mentoring and small group work. 

Together they worked toward the vision of ‘every vulnerable young person finding hope and a future’.  There have been many changes since those early days, but the belief remains the same: that the transformative power of relationship, risk and adventure can reduce school exclusions.

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Bristol Office

"Urban Pursuit is a very professional alternative education provider with such an impact on students' learning and development.  Their dedication to understanding students on an individual level enables them to gain confidence and build their self-esteem. The individual feedback provided is invaluable."
Jo Williams
Redland Green School

Meet our Founders

Neil Dennison

Neil started working with young people in the mid-nineties, spending 15 years as a secondary school teacher.  

He was Assistant Head at Ansford School in Somerset for six years before giving up his career and setting up Urban Pursuit. His vision was, and is, is to see the lives of vulnerable young people transformed for the better.

Neil has a strong passion for adrenaline and adventure activities. Neil is a qualified Mountain Leader, Climbing Instructor and Mountain Bike Leader and also loves snowboarding, BMX, off-road driving, wilderness adventures and various water sports.

Emma Dennison

Emma worked with young people in youth work and schools for over 14 years and has a wealth of experience in the fields of mentoring and coaching. 

She is passionate about seeing young people realise their potential and daring to step out of their comfort zones. Emma has overseen our Education Programmes before leaving to be a full-time mum. 

She loves outdoor adventure activities and particularly enjoys climbing, mountain biking, water sports and snowboarding.

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