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Urban Pursuit is a not-for-profit alternative education provider serving schools, academies and other educational organisations across Bristol. We help vulnerable young people and those at risk of school exclusion positively re-engage with education through adrenaline sports and adventure activities.



  • How is Urban Pursuit different to other alternative education providers?

    Our part-time personal and social development programs work alongside a students other education commitments and our programs are designed and delivered by education professionals. Students can be with us for between 1/2 a day per week up to 2 days per week. We give individual written feedback to schools every day and our packages include transport to and from school. Students also receive mentoring as part of our packages.
  • What impact does the program have?

    During a recent Autumn Term: 100% avoided permanent exclusion. 58% avoided fixed-term exclusions. 42% improved attendance. 67% improved in-school behaviour. 40% showed improved progress in core subjects.
  • What is the program format?

    Students typically come to us for one day a week for a minimum of two terms, but bespoke programs can be arranged. Each day consists of two different adventure sports, underpinned by personal and social development training. Students receive one-to-one in-school mentoring every term.
  • What do you mean by 'taking risks' to transform lives?

    Although responsible risk-taking is at the very heart of our ethos, we take safety very seriously indeed. All of our adventure activities are led by qualified instructors who hold high-level, national qualifications. We fully risk-assess every activity and adventure location and put personal safety as priority number one at all times. We work under the Adventurous Activities Licencing Authority for England and Wales.
  • How quickly can students start?

    We can generally enroll students within five school days as our programs have a continually-rolling format.


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Personal & social development through adrenaline sports & adventure activities

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