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It’s never been easier to send your students on a life-changing personal development programme of adventure and adrenaline!

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Our variety of activities, small group sizes, and excellent staff relationships create a winning combination that inspires personal growth. 

At Urban Pursuit, we pride ourselves on stories of our life-changing impact achieved in students’ lives.  Confidence, self-esteem and leadership are all inspired through the adrenaline and adventure activities on our programme, supported by dedicated staff. One of these stories is of Rhiannon* , whose journey demonstrates the transformative power of our programme and the lasting effect it could have on her life.  (*Name changed for anonymity.)

When Rhi first joined Urban Pursuit, she struggled with social interactions and involvement due to her low self-confidence.  This prevented her from participating and would cause significant issues with her behaviour at school.

With the support and motivation provided by our staff, she began to break free from her inhibitions, tackle challenges, and uncover her hidden potential.  Rhi not only became more comfortable with her peers but also began to exhibit leadership qualities. She now assists our staff with organising equipment, coordinating the schedule and explaining activities to her peers. Reflecting on her experience, Rhi says:

I’ve benefited so much from the different activities and have pushed myself to improve my skills.  It’s helpful to be able to talk to staff about things going on with school and friendships.”

Staff write weekly written feedback of students’ progress.  Recently, staff witnessed Rhi’s incredible growth, spotting her leadership skills and expressing immense pride in her achievements:

Rhiannon again exhibited many leadership qualities today, explaining elements to the other learners.  There was talk of her taking my job!  She is a natural leader and every week I feel like I say the same positive things about her.  We are so proud!”

We know that schools work extremely hard to support their students.  We at Urban Pursuit relish the chance to join in the story towards students’ success.  We invite you to get in touch to find out more.  If you’re new to us, we’d love to offer you six weeks completely free, as part of a 15-week trial period.  Simply click the link below to register your interest and start the journey.

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